AHA! Welcomes New Executive Director

By Giving List Staff   |   February 5, 2021
Roxy Petty, AHA!’s new Executive Director

AHA! has announced that Roxana Petty has been named the new Executive Director.

Roxana (Roxy) brings to this position a wealth of leadership skills and an extensive background working in financial institutions. She has been an indispensable administrator for AHA! for years; she truly lives and breathes its mission every day. As a proud mother of four, all of whom attend or have graduated from Santa Barbara schools, she – along with her husband, Kevin – is deeply vested in the quality and promise of local education.

AHA! is committed to each person feeling safe, seen, and celebrated. We train parents, teachers, and teens in the five essentials of Social and Emotional Intelligence: Self Management, Self Awareness, Social Responsibility, Social Awareness, and Healthy Relationships.

Under Roxy’s leadership, AHA! has developed virtual Heroes Assemblies that have already served thousands of educators and youth nationwide; and has deepened local commitment to providing healthy food and skills apprenticeships through its Littlest Little Farm project. In 2020 Roxy, along with AHA! Associate Director Leo Caporal started the first Spanish-language national certification training of Social Emotional Learning.

The AHA! staff and board congratulate Roxy on her tremendous achievements, and unanimously feel the fortune of being in Roxy’s loving care.


Attitude, Harmony, Achievement

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AHA! equips teenagers, educators, and parents with social and emotional intelligence to dismantle apathy, prevent despair, and interrupt hate-based behavior.

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It’s never been harder to be a teenager. Social isolation, skyrocketing gun violence, social media divisiveness, bullying and discrimination, and persistent anxiety about an uncertain world have led to unprecedented levels of mental health issues in youth. For me – as a donor, volunteer, and now board member of AHA! – I know we must show up for our teenagers now more than ever, and this program is the surest way I know to make a profound difference. AHA! provides lifetime tools for social and emotional well-being, enabling teens to better care for themselves, each other, and their communities.
Justine Roddick
AHA! Board Member

Give Teens the Tools to Tackle Life

Our in-school programs have served some 55,000 students since our founding, and we receive just 14% from districts toward the cost of services. We need help reaching our goal of raising 33% of our budget – half a million dollars – to continue to provide social-emotional learning programming, mentorship, and support to the SBUSD and CUSD.

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