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Giving Back Giving Back

We launched The Giving List to help the nonprofit organizations featured in this book spend less time fundraising and more […more…]

Welcome to The Giving List Santa Barbara, 2023

We are thrilled to present you with this year’s edition of The Giving List Santa Barbara. One of the things I love about Santa Barbara County is that it’s small enough to feel manageable, yet big enough to offer a robust and interesting tapestry of people, communities, and causes. In Santa Barbara you can make a difference in people’s lives through good work and innovative programs to tackle challenges that in larger regions seem too overwhelming; you can bring together groups to create invaluable partnerships to solve problems. Nowhere is this reflected more clearly than in Santa Barbara’s nonprofit and [...more...]

New Money

Philanthropy, incorporated for the public good, can and should make all its investments accordingly. In 2021, Senators Angus King (I-Maine) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) introduced a bill to more tightly regulate donor-advised funds, commonly referred to as DAFs. While the Accelerating Charitable Giving (ACE) Act’s reforms were far from sweeping, the bill set off a bitter debate over who controls charitable funds: the donor or the public. The Act’s supporters plausibly argued that wealthy donors could use the increasingly popular philanthropic instruments for personal gain, and that DAFs allow them to hoard and perpetually control what becomes public money once [...more...]

The Power of Volunteering The Power of Volunteering

Years ago, I was incredibly fortunate to attend a wonderful college in Northern California. I got a stellar education that […more…]

How to Read This Book How to Read This Book

The Giving List was created to make it easier for you to navigate the dizzying array of worthwhile causes and […more…]

Santa Barbara Philanthropists: Offering Bread and Roses for Nearly 200 Years Santa Barbara Philanthropists: Offering Bread and Roses for Nearly 200 Years

The slogan “Bread, and Roses, too” is at the heart of every philanthropic organization and cause in the United States. […more…]

The Santa Barbara Philanthropy Pivot The Santa Barbara Philanthropy Pivot

Santa Barbara has been defined, all at once, as an enclave of the wealthy, a surf-bum beach town, and a […more…]