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Moving the Market: The Ford Foundation’s Mission Investments Program is Showing the Power of the Double Bottom Line  

Christine Looney, Deputy Director of Ford Foundation's massive program-related investment portfolio. The American tax code favors the generous by offering significant financial benefit to those that give to charity. On the very tip of the curve are individuals or families whose living gifts and bequests grow into mighty charitable foundations.  Individuals like Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford, who created the Ford Foundation with an initial endowment of $25,000. An infusion of $250,000 in Ford stock that came upon Henry and Edsel’s deaths in the 1940s and steady financial stewardship since has grown the Ford Foundation endowment to $16 billion – [...more...]

Lisa Greer’s Message to Philanthropy: Revolutionize

Lisa Greer While she had built a successful career, Lisa Greer wasn’t born into wealth. But when her husband Josh’s company, RealD, IPOed in 2010, she was instantaneously vaulted into the 1%.  With the money came an opportunity for Greer to give back, and in seven figure increments. But like others whose lives are transformed by a “wealth event” of the magnitude she experienced, giving to worthwhile nonprofits brought a whole new world to navigate, and, of course, an onslaught of fundraisers. In her first book, Philanthropy Revolution, the Southern California native offers donors and nonprofit professionals an unfiltered window [...more...]

Santa Barbara Philanthropists: Offering Bread and Roses for Nearly 200 Years

The slogan “Bread, and Roses, too” is at the heart of every philanthropic organization and cause in the United States. The term was coined in 1910 when factory inspector Helen Todd gave a speech during an automobile campaign for women’s suffrage in Illinois. She proposed that giving women the vote would “go toward helping forward the time when life’s Bread, which is home, shelter, and security, and life’s Roses, such as music, education, nature, and books, shall be the heritage of every child that is born in the country…” The Grand Trades Carnival was a five-day fundraiser for Cottage Hospital [...more...]

The Santa Barbara Philanthropy Pivot

Santa Barbara has been defined, all at once, as an enclave of the wealthy, a surf-bum beach town, and a somewhat relaxed, working paradise for all those in between. But, if you live here long enough, you know the real heart and soul of the region – the real defining characteristic – is something deeper. It lies in the giving nature of the people. The desire to give back to the community with a generosity of treasure, time, and talent. It is this spirit that regulates this city’s pulse. And always has.  It stretches back to the days of the [...more...]