Savie Health Will Receive County Grant to Serve Migrant Farmworkers in Northern Santa Barbara

Savie Health, a nonprofit clinic that offers free physical and behavioral health care to low-income people without health insurance, will […more…]

Savie Health

Savie Health opened its doors in June of 2022 as Santa Barbara County’s first and only free health clinic for […more…]

Savie Health Clinic Expands Behavioral Health Services for the Uninsured

Savie Health, a free medical clinic for low-income people without health insurance, is pleased to welcome a new behavioral health specialist […more…]

Comprehensive, No-cost Healthcare for Those Who Need It Most

In 2011, Dr. Ahmad Nooristani had an important realization. Many of the low-income (frequently undocumented) patients he was treating in […more…]

Savie Health

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Executive Director: Eryn Shugart, PhD


Our mission is to provide free medical, behavioral health, dental and vision care to uninsured adults in Santa Barbara County and beyond regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, or sexual orientation.

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I was a little skeptical before coming to my appointment at Savie Health Clinic, but after my appointment and to my surprise, the outcome was better than I expected it to be. This clinic is exactly what any one without health insurance needs! My health care concern was addressed at no cost to me. I now have peace of mind knowing that I am in the hands of a health care provider caring for my health.
Carla Jimenez
Savie Health Patient &
Savie Health Clinic Manager

Make Healthcare Free, Forever

Savie Health needs your help to not only continue its crucial work in providing free medical care in Santa Barbara County, but more importantly, to broaden the scope to include dental services. 

To accomplish this and long-term sustainability, Savie Health is raising money to create a permanent endowment. The nonprofit invites you to make a Founding Donation of $5,000, supporting the only permanent and full-time free clinic in Santa Barbara County.

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Key Supporters

James S. Bower Foundation
Roy & Ida Eagle Foundation
Direct Relief/Teva Pharmaceuticals
Williams Corbett Foundation
California Wellness Foundation