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Making It Home Tour

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Making it Home

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Santa Barbara Regional Director: Tessa Madden Storms


Our mission is to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities. PATH envisions a world where every person has a home. Our values include creative collaborations, strategic leadership, empowerment for all, and passionate commitment.

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If I wasn’t connected to PATH, I would still be in the riverbed. I finally had an opportunity to get a place and now I’m home. I’ve been working hard for this for a long time, I’ve been through a lot of programs. It was not easy, but it was worth it, and it makes me feel good. I have food in the refrigerator, my kids and I have clean clothing. I am very blessed. I’m still shocked that I have a place to come home to.
Lexy, who recently moved into an apartment with her children

Flexible Funding

The majority of PATH’s budget comes from federal, state, and local government funding. 

Government assistance comes with plenty of red tape, says Tessa Madden Storms, PATH Santa Barbara’s regional director, so the organization welcomes private donations that will provide it with the flexibility it needs to tackle homelessness in Santa Barbara. 

PATH recently began the first of a two-phase renovation project at its interim housing site, which will create a more welcoming, “trauma-informed environment” for its residents. “We could end homelessness in Santa Barbara,” Madden Storms says. “And that gives me a lot of hope.”

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