Meeting the Moment of the Climate Crisis

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Community Environmental Council, UC Cooperative Extension, and Agricultural Commissioner Announce New Report Aimed at Building Agricultural Resilience in Ventura County

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CEC’s Santa Barbara Earth Day Green Film Festival

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Community Environmental Council

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“Earth Day – Every Day” Opinion Piece

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She’s Our Hero

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Bold Climate Action

The double blow of the Thomas Fire and ensuing debris flow in 2018 left no doubt about the increasing threats […more…]

Community Environmental Council

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Through December 31, 2022, the first $5,000 donated will be matched thanks to a generous challenge grant from the Zegar Family Foundation.

Ramping Up Donations

Repairing and protecting the environment will require donations for CEC to marshal the resources needed to lower emissions, reduce waste, pull excess carbon out of our atmosphere, and safeguard local populations. Donations will fund the hiring of new staff and expansions to the Reverse, Repair, Protect programs and initiatives. Ultimately, every donation large or small helps ensure a climate-safe future for the Central Coast. 

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At CEC, building community resilience is at the center of everything we do. Our advocacy and programs seek to address root causes of climate change.
Since 1970, CEC has led the Santa Barbara region — and at times California and the nation — in creative solutions to some of the toughest environmental problems. We are often referred to as a “think-and-do tank” — deeply analyzing a problem and then applying creative, real-world solutions to it.
CEC seeks to move the Santa Barbara region away from dependence on fossil fuels in one generation – Fossil Free by ’33. We are aggressively pursuing this goal by educating and activating the community around sustainable practices, advocating for environmentally-sound policies and laws, and building partnerships with other organizations to open new pathways for sustainable transportation, energy, and food systems. Our five initiatives – Drive Less, Drive Clean, Go Solar, Ditch Plastic, Rethink Food – offer accessible pathways for the community to connect with and take action on CEC’s vision for a cleaner, healthier future.
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Director of Development: Nicole Eads

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Clear Thinking on Climate Change

Our current climate is marked by year-round fire seasons, extreme heat, mass evacuations, mass blackouts, and unfathomable fire runs measured in acres per second. We need clear thinkers and leaders who can bring people together as a community to tackle the impacts of the climate crisis. This is what CEC does, and why I stand with them.
Pat McElroy
Former Chief, Santa Barbara City Fire Department Executive Director, The Partnership for Resilient Communities

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