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By Giving List Staff   |   October 29, 2021

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC) has been providing accessible and affordable healthcare to the community since 1998. The nonprofit’s eight facilities in Isla Vista, Goleta, and Santa Barbara cover general, dental, and behavioral health with each taking an integrated approach towards a patient’s overall health.

“The body and the mind are attached and need to be treated as a whole,” says SBNC CEO/CMO, Dr. Charles Fenzi.

“There’s very good data now that suggests if you have poor oral health, the risk of heart disease is much higher than if you don’t,” Dr. Fenzi says, “so having good dental hygiene promotes good physical health, just like having access to good behavioral health impacts physical health as well. So, we’re providing all of those services.”

Four years ago, a community needs assessment by Cottage Hospital found that there was an outsized need for access to mental health services. Since then, SBNC began to focus on promoting and improving the accessibility of their mental health services. SBNC now has integrated behavioral health specialists in their facilities who can see the patient immediately during their visit with a medical provider.

SBNC has found that accessibility to support and services is critical for getting patients treated.

If a patient has to wait a month to see a doctor or take several bus rides to get to a clinic, they will often never follow up with treatment. By providing immediate assistance and connecting them to other resources that can help remove barriers – like transportation – patients are more willing to seek the help they need.

In 2019, SBNC established a Bridge Clinic directly adjacent to Cottage Hospital. This facility forms a bridge between the emergency room and a recovery experience where patients can be seen immediately upon discharge. Dr. Fenzi serves as a primary care physician there alongside four other specialists who treat substance abuse, pain, and mental health issues.

“You can’t have a healthy community if every segment of the community doesn’t have access to good healthcare. That is the issue,” Dr. Fenzi says. “And having a healthy community impacts all of us.”


Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics

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Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics provides high quality, comprehensive, affordable healthcare to all people, regardless of their ability to pay, in an environment that fosters respect, compassion and dignity.

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I have proudly supported SBNC for over 25 years, because of their total dedication to our community. The recent pandemic has proven what I have always believed: If we don’t take care of those that work in the community, we are ALL at risk in multiple ways. Too many people are fearful to seek the help of a doctor because of the high cost of treatment or medications. I ask myself, what happens if you aren’t able to fix a tooth? Well, you simply stop smiling! I am grateful for the services of the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics by providing skill and compassion in treating the health, dental, and emotional needs of our fellow human beings.
Sybil Rosen
Professional Volunteer,
Healthcare Hero & Good Neighbor

A New Westside Clinic

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics completed a $20 million campaign this past year.

Half of the funds raised will be spread out over five years to cover the outstanding $2 million per year they need to fulfill their operating budgets after the funds they receive being a Federally Qualified Health Center. The other half will be split up with $3.25 million going towards facility upgrades and maintenance and $6.75 million being used to establish a new clinic on the Westside. This facility will expand medical exam rooms by 50% to nine rooms, provide new dental services in six operatories, and have an integrated space for a behavioral health specialist and psychiatrist.

“We raised our $20 million, but during this pandemic we found that the building we designed was inadequate for the next pandemic,” says SBNC Ceo/Cmo Dr. Charles Fenzi. Accordingly, the SBNC team had the plans redrawn. “That raised the cost so now we are going back to raise those additional funds and we’re about halfway there.” 

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