Snow Day at Storyteller Children’s Center

By Giving List Staff   |   December 17, 2021

Snow is in the forecast for students at Storyteller Children’s Center! 

On Wednesday, December 15th at 10 am, over 50 children served by Storyteller Children’s Center were surprised by snow flurries at both school campuses: State Street (2115 State Street – back playground) and De La Vina (2121 De la Vina Street – front yard).

Snow machines were donated by the Scribner Family and an anonymous donor. In addition to the snow surprise, large Christmas trees for the classrooms – as well as individual mini trees for students to take home – were donated by Davies Public Affairs/Blaze PR. Volunteers, including many members of the National Charity League, have sponsored holiday gifts for all Storyteller families. For an estimated 30 consecutive years, one of Storyteller’s founders and board member, Kenny Slaught will be paying a special visit to students as Santa Claus.

“We are thrilled to bring the joy of the holiday season to our children who have faced so many challenges, particularly over the past two years of the pandemic,” said executive director Susan Cass. “This is just another way we can support – and bring cheer – to the families we serve.”

About Storyteller Children’s Center

Founded in 1988, members of the Santa Barbara community came together to form Storyteller Children’s Center. This organization was founded to ensure all families, no matter their economic status or life circumstances, have access to the resources they need to build a healthy and happy future for their children. Storyteller is a full-time, therapeutic school program that supports nearly 100 families each year from two Santa Barbara campuses ensuring that students are kindergarten-ready, one of the most critical markers in their scholastic journey.

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Director of Development: Heather Martinez


Storyteller is a therapeutic preschool that serves children and their families toward “Kindergarten Readiness.”

Storyteller serves Santa Barbara’s poorest families, those living below or close to the poverty guideline and who also meet the Federal definition of homeless. This segment of our community may have difficulty accessing and paying for quality preschool.

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Storyteller changes the trajectory of lives for vulnerable children and their families. I am constantly in awe of the strength and determination of our children! Watching them transform their lives is a gift and is why I am passionate about this organization.
Tiffany Foster
Advisory Board Chair

Help Support a Resilient Foundation for Young, Vulnerable Children

Storyteller Children’s Center’s operating budget serves the therapeutic and trauma-informed curriculums, building the foundation of resiliency that these students will tap into for their entire lives. 

This year’s Transition House expansion allows Storyteller to support children as young as six weeks through kindergarten, creating a true continuum of care throughout the earliest years of a child’s life. 

The added mental health services for this program cost $100,000 per year.

Key Supporters

Dr. Peggy Dodds, Co-Chair
Erinn Lynch, Co-Chair
Michael Wasserman, Vice Chair
Rachael Stein, Secretary
Craig Zimmerman, Treasurer
Jessica Phillips, Governance
Jon Clark
Gretchen Horn
Daisy Estrada Ochoa
Sharon Kayser
Dr. Anna Kokotovic
Dr. Patricia Madrigal
Danna McGrew
Ann Pieramici
Ken Radtkey
Kyra Rogers
Kenny Slaught
Dr. Carrie Towbes