Learning Reflections of Participating Youth in our Maritime Literacies Program

By Giving List Staff   |   February 10, 2022

Community Based Literacies in the Schools

This video is a multimodal, melodic synthesis of a reflection activity that our Harding UnderGraduates (called HUGs) did with 4th graders at our partnering elementary school, Harding Elementary. This particular program is called CBL-HUPS (Community Based Literacies-Harding University Partnership School) and the programmatic theme focuses on the various environmental topics and issues relevant to our maritime community. Co-learners explore the various forms of marine life situated on our beaches, our harbor, our watershed, and our Channel through various textual information. Within small-group configurations, the young and near-peer co-learners discussed the following questions: 1) What did you like? 2) What did you learn? 3) What do you want to learn next?  All groups wrote and drew their responses on large white butcher paper that were then rendered in a kind of meandering collage. The music was written specifically for the video, with added sounds of the ocean and seabirds. 


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To provide literacy support for children in grades 1-8 with intensive, research-based instruction through our clinical services and partnerships with community organizations.

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The McEnroe Reading & Language Arts Clinic continues to provide children with intensive instruction to develop fluency, reading comprehension, and writing, with an interdisciplinary (particularly STEM) focus. UC Santa Barbara is proud to offer innovative and effective literacy support and critical outreach programs to children in our community. The McEnroe Reading & Language Arts Clinic sustains our commitment to pioneering educational programs and helps prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators. The McEnroes’ long-standing involvement and support helps to sustain our leadership in education, research, and public service. Thank you, Tina and Paul, for your tremendous vision, passion, and dedication.
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Prior to the pandemic, more than 60 percent of K-6 students in the Santa Barbara area read below grade level. Literacy experts and school leaders are expecting greater decline due to consequences of the pandemic. The vast majority of youth in our community will need literacy support. The McEnroe Reading & Language Arts Clinic is a state-of-the-art research and teaching institute housed within the Gevirtz School of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Students receiving support from the Clinic are showing unrivaled measurable growth in literacy. The research-based programming at the clinic has been recognized as a model and a resource for improving literacy instruction at the state and national levels. To continue and expand our services, we look to our community and philanthropic supporters to fund student scholarships. If you can donate at any level, please contact Tina McEnroe at (805) 350-2588 or tinamcenroe@education.ucsb.edu.

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