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By Giving List Staff   |   November 26, 2022
Installation view of the Ridley-Tree Gallery

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art has distinguished itself through its track record of informative and fascinating exhibitions and programs of international significance. These shows have covered almost the entire range of the history of art, from ancient works (Chinese, Greco-Roman, and Pre-Columbian) to the contemporary and diverse. 

Highlights of the permanent collection on view include a reimagined installation of the Museum’s monumental Roman marbles, intermixed with African and pre-Columbian antiquities. Galleries dedicated to the Museum’s superb Asian collection celebrate the region’s diversely rich aesthetics with selections from China, Japan, and Korea, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayas. 

A new installation in the Preston Morton and Ridley-Tree Galleries highlights the influence of American and European women artists, as well as the impact of women donors whose gifts to the Museum helped shape the permanent collection. In 1959, Sophia ‘Preston’ Morton funded the 3,200-square-foot Preston Morton wing of the Museum, with one of its galleries later named to honor the support of Lady Leslie and Lord Paul Ridley-Tree. Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree continued to support the work of the Museum in many ways throughout her life and was a major supporter of the recent $50 million renovation. More information about current and upcoming exhibitions can be found on the Museum website.


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The mission of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art is to integrate art into the lives of people.

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The Santa Barbara Museum of Art continues to provide one of the most effective and comprehensive visual-arts education programs in the country; creative, innovative, aimed both at and beyond the art itself and, above all, making a real difference in people’s lives. Our education programs have expanded to include more students in a counties. Membership has tripled since reopening in the summer of 2021. Exhibitions, events, trips, and activities are more popular than ever. We are grateful to the many generous donors for their support. We will continue to use the Museum’s art and resources to transform and enrich the lives of people in our community and beyond.
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The Museum provides education programs to over 25,000 students in Santa Barbara County each year, including free admission for all local students and teachers, free transportation for school groups and after-school groups, and free California State Standard based education programs for Santa Barbara School district students in grades K-12. These include art lessons that increase student awareness on a range of topics, including social justice, mindfulness, nature, science, and ethnic studies. Your gift to the Annual Fund supports educational programs and opportunities for the community: including classroom and after–school activities for students; in-person and virtual school field trips; adult studio classes and workshops; free community days and outreach programs.

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