World Telehealth Initiative’s New Program in Kenya is in Full Swing

By Giving List Staff   |   March 16, 2023
Longisa County Referral Hospital requested support from a nephrologist because they don’t have one on staff, but they have many patients on dialysis. One of World Telehealth Initiative’s volunteer nephrologists conducts regular telehealth sessions at Longisa County Referral Hospital to teach local clinicians about dialysis through bedside case studies, and expand their nephrology knowledge.

World Telehealth Initiative’s new program in Kenya is in full swing, expanding healthcare access for a rural community using telehealth technology. WTI supports Longisa County Referral Hospital in Loginsa, Kenya. Local clinicians are overburdened, and the hospital lacks many of the medical specialists that the community needs. Many patients are referred to a specialist at a larger hospital in Nairobi, but with no transportation, they end up going without the healthcare they need.

World Telehealth Initiative brings the necessary medical specialists to Longisa via telehealth. Their medical specialists mentor local clinicians in Longisa and support them to advance patient care. Over time, the local clinicians build their skills in various specialties to help address their community’s health challenges.

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World Telehealth Initiative

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Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer: Sharon Allen


World Telehealth Initiative provides sustainable medical expertise to the world’s most vulnerable communities to build local capacity and deliver core health services, through a network of volunteer health care professionals supported with state-of-the-art technology.

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The World Telehealth Initiative program is the most emerging, innovative, and helpful health program for patient care. Our physicians are exposed to very experienced consultants from different disciplines, sharing their knowledge with them and learning from them. Patients are also satisfied to receive specialist healthcare services from foreign doctors by telehealth device. They express their excitement and satisfaction to us.”

Dr. Saiful Islam, MBBS, MPH

Help Get Healthcare to Where It’s Needed Most

Imagine you or your child has a medical emergency and you’re unable to get the necessary care or specialized treatment because the only doctor that can help is over 100 miles away and your only means of transportation is on foot.  

World Telehealth Initiative strives to make quality medical care accessible to under-resourced communities, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever, whenever it is needed. Technology makes this possible.

World Telehealth Initiative is seeking to raise $1.5 million so they can expand their services to more underserved communities. Currently they have 33 programs across the globe, in areas as diverse as Togo, Bhutan, and Kashmir. By the end of 2022, World Telehealth Initiative’s goal is to expand to 40 programs and, by the end of 2023, they hope to expand to 65 programs in order to double the number of patients served per month to 500.

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