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Wayfinder Family Services

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Associate Vice President of Development and Donor Relations: Vanessa Botshekan


Wayfinder Family Services ensures that children, youth and adults facing challenges always have a place to turn.

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With Wayfinder, we don’t feel like my son has a disability. We feel like everyone else.
Hagop, Camper Daron’s Father

Changing the Future for Children Who Have Special Needs

Wayfinder understands the unique challenges facing some of our state’s most vulnerable youth and adults. Those with disabilities, those without a home of their own, those who have been abused and many, many more. Wayfinder sees them. They believe in the amazing potential of each and every one of them. And, they turn that potential into reality.

Last year, Wayfinder Family Services served more than 21,000 children, youth, and family members across California. More than 90 percent of the people Wayfinder supports are low-income, and its services are always free.

A $1,000 donation can cover 10 life-changing early intervention sessions for children like Kennedy.

Key Supporters

Board of Directors:
Harold A. Davidson
Scott M. Farkas, Esq.
Erica Fernandez
Timothy E. Ford, Esq.
Robert D. Held
Steve L. Hernández, Esq.
Jonathan I. Macy, M.D.
Linda Myerson Dean
John Nicolaus
Glenn A. Sonnenberg
Fernando Villa, Esq.
Tara Voss
Elworth (Brent) Williams Jr.
Stevie Wonder
Impact Council:
Nicholas (Nick) Aull
Kylene Barker
Brian Barreto
David Berg
Christina Bjornstrom
Otis Blum
Robert Luce
Zuber Memon
Jason Russell
Anita Siraki
Jon Steinberg
Camilla Walker