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Visual Arts and Design Academy Visual Arts and Design Academy

Mark your calendar for July 20. That’s the date when the contractors will hand over the keys to the new […more…]

A Huge Milestone for RUNX1 RUNX1 Research Program

There is currently no treatment for RUNX1 familial platelet disorder (RUNX1-FPD). However, this year marks a significant milestone with the […more…]

NatureTrack Film Festival (NTFF) Announces Special Event! NatureTrack

Today the NatureTrack Film Festival (NTFF) announced it will be holding a special unveiling event of its official film festival […more…]

Holocaust Museum Holocaust Museum LA

Holocaust Museum LA was founded in 1961 by a group of survivors who met each other in an ESL class […more…]

RUNX1 RUNX1 Research Program

The RUNX1 gene provides instructions for making RUNX1 protein, which plays a vital role in the production of blood stem […more…]

Because Nature Will Blow Your Mind This October NatureTrack

A carefully curated program of films from over 30 countries ordinarily only found at BANFF, Big Sky, Mountain Film, and […more…]

Hospice of Santa Barbara Hospice of Santa Barbara

When Hospice of Santa Barbara officially opened its doors back in 1974, only one other hospice organization existed in the […more…]

Search Dog Foundation Named One of the Best Nonprofits to Work For 2024 National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is thrilled to announce it was recently selected as one of the 2024 Best […more…]

Explore Ecology Explore Ecology

An impact report is normally more of an obligation or a chore for a nonprofit rather than something to brag […more…]

Camp Chit Chat has Begun! Santa Barbara RiteCare Language Center

Camp Chit Chat has begun at SB RiteCare! Chit Chat is a summer therapy program where 64 children (3–6-year-old) attend […more…]

Elings Park Elings Park

Dean Noble, executive director of Elings Park, is fond of comparing Elings to some famous public parks in urban areas.  […more…]

Sweet Wheel Farms Sweet Wheel Farm / S.B. Agriculture & Farm Education Foundation

Although Summerland had relatively minor flooding and damage following the torrential rainstorm and resulting debris flow in January 2018, the […more…]

Marine Watchdogs Marine Watchdogs

There are several nonprofit organizations in town concerned about the health of our oceans and waterways, and a whole lot […more…]

NatureTrack NatureTrack

NatureTrack has a simple but vital mission: To foster a lifelong fascination with nature through outdoor field trips. The nonprofit […more…]

M.E.R.R.A.G. M.E.R.R.A.G.

When M.E.R.R.A.G. was formed in 1987 as Montecito Emergency Response and Recovery Action Group, the uber-local organization started serving a […more…]


A significant number of nonprofits and other organizations have been working to end homelessness in Santa Barbara and across California. […more…]

CEC Earth Day Community Environmental Council

One of Santa Barbara’s longest-running community-organized festivals, our Earth Day celebration is also one of the oldest in the country, […more…]

Pismo Beach Field Trip NatureTrack

NatureTrack took a field trip to Pismo Beach and we’ve got the pics to prove it! While you’re checking out […more…]

Catholic Charities Catholic Charities

As centennial celebrations go, the commemoration may not be as center-of-attention as that of the Granada Theatre or Old Spanish […more…]

Granada Theatre The Granada Theatre

Are you wondering why there’s a whole lot of hoopla about the Granada Theatre 100th birthday beyond merely marking a […more…]

New Beginnings New Beginnings

New Beginnings’ Safe Parking program turned 20 earlier this year, a milestone you need to celebrate. On the other hand, […more…]