Catholic Charities

As centennial celebrations go, the commemoration may not be as center-of-attention as that of the Granada Theatre or Old Spanish […more…]

Providing Food, Shelter, and Clothing for the Most Vulnerable

Until a person can eat, sleep, and have a roof over one’s head, their mental and physical energy is consumed […more…]

Catholic Charities

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Catholic Charities is committed to manifesting Christ’s spirit by collaborating with diverse communities, providing services to the poor and vulnerable, promoting human dignity, and advocating for social justice.

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Even though we come from different walks of life, we come together to help in time of need.
Theresa Matte, Volunteer

Food Insecurity in Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara County is in the top one percent of agriculture-producing counties in America, but even though that statistic rings true, nearly 45,000 people (10% of the Santa Barbara County population) in the county are food insecure.