Fr. Virgil Cordano Center: Meals, Laundry, and Comfort…

The repurposed Santa Barbara store fronts at 4020 Calle Real, Suite 2, are serving our city’s homeless two meals a […more…]

Meeting Our Homeless Brothers and Sisters Where They Are: The Fr. Virgil Cordano Center

Anthony, an African-American man in his early 60s, began visiting the Fr. Virgil Cordano Center (FVCC) more than a year […more…]

Fr. Virgil Cordano Center

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Chief Development Officer: Regina Ruiz


Faithful to the traditions of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Vincent de Paul, we provide a place of welcome and support for the human and spiritual well-being for our sisters and brothers in need.

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Finding a job is all about persistence. At the Fr. Virgil Cordano Center, I got the proper nourishment which was good for my body and made me a lot healthier. And then I got a lot of encouragement from the staff and volunteers, too.
Johnny Watkins