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Friends of VADA – Helping Students Achieve Their Highest Potential

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Friends of the Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA)

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President of Friends of VADA: Andy Beall


The Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA) is a small learning community at Santa Barbara High School with about 225 students in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. VADA is a unique “school-within-a-school” that integrates rigorous academic coursework with project-based, career-focused art and design instruction, in a supportive and creative environment.

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I support VADA because the program is devoted to fostering creativity. And creative expression – no matter the form – is the strongest vehicle we have to express a point of view, inspire, and connect with each other in ways that are central to the human experience.
Jeff Bridges
Actor/Children’s Advocate/Philanthropist

We have a vision for the future generations of Santa Barbara students

For over a quarter-century, VADA has been a hallmark of excellence. But to continue sculpting the leaders of tomorrow, VADA needs to evolve. It’s time to upgrade and modernize our half-century-old infrastructure. With insights from industry titans like Adobe, Deckers, and Patagonia, we have planned and now broken ground for a state-of-the-art Design Lab and Art Studio. While we’ve made notable progress, securing $7.25 million of our $10.75 million goal, your patronage can be the catalyst that turns this vision into a tangible legacy – a legacy that promises a brighter, more creative future for generations of Santa Barbara students.

The bottom line? Your generosity becomes the legacy that can power future generations. Please help us get there.

Key Supporters

Alan Macy
Bragg Health Foundation
Charles Schwab
Deckers Brands
Hutton Parker Foundation
Ian Smith
John Temple
Josh Blumer
Kai Tepper
Kirby Jones Family Foundation
Kyle Ashby
Manitou Fund
Manny Roldan
Margie Yahyavi
Michelle Apodaca
Nathan Vonk
Outhwaite Foundation
Pamela Temple
Rod Lathim
Ted Rhodes
The Muzzy Family
Tony & Kyra Rogers
Tuohy Foundation
Williams Corbett Foundation