Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

You’d be hard-pressed to find a local nonprofit that brought its outsized quest to fruition more speedily than did the […more…]

“Play is Not a Luxury”

Victoria and Bill Strong brought their baby home with that mix of gratitude and indescribable joy – the heart-squeezing hallmarks […more…]

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation

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Executive Director: Victoria Strong


In tribute to the kindness and inclusivity Gwendolyn inspired wherever she went, we are building the first fully inclusive playground in Santa Barbara so all children have the opportunity to just be one of the kids. Gwendolyn Strong Foundation also continues to offer practical family support for the overwhelming expenses of life with a disability, helping give families greater independence.

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The Manitou Fund’s support of Gwendolyn’s Playground is not a gift but an investment in the standard we hold for this special corner of the world. Unbridled, unrestricted, and totally inclusive play is what truly fosters social growth, empathy, and joy. Its impact ripples out and benefits us all.
Nora McNeely Hurley

Never Give Up

• 25% of the population has a disability, the largest minority group in the world
• Santa Barbara has 0 inclusive playgrounds 2023 is the last year to become a Founding Partner! Join us in leaving a lasting legacy by building inclusion for all. Recognition of your community investment will be artfully displayed within the park.

$2,500 – Commemorative Paver
$5,000 – Community Partner Plaque
$10,000 – Kindness Partner Plaque
$25,000 – Friendship Partner Plaque
$50,000 – Butterfly Partner Plaque
$75,000 – Rainbow Partner Plaque
$150,000 – NEVER GIVE UP. Partner Plaque

Key Supporters

NEVER GIVE UP. Partners $150K+
Manitou Fund,
Nora McNeely Hurley
The Mildred E. & Harvey S. Mudd Foundation and the Sprague Family
Grassini Family Vineyards
Robin & Roger Himovitz
RAINBOW Partners $75K+
The Foley Family
Charitable Foundation
Smidt Family Foundation
Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation
BUTTERFLY Partners $50K+
Deckers Outdoor Corporation
Grace Fisher Foundation
Belle & Lily Hahn
Hutton Parker Foundation
Montecito Bank & Trust
Mosher Foundation
Natalie Orfalea Foundation
Paskin Family Foundation
Rudi Schulte Family Foundation
Yardi Systems
FRIENDSHIP Partners $25K+
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Mary & Lucy Firestone
Leanne Schlinger
KINDNESS Partners $10K+
Girl Scout Troop 50396
Montecito Firefighters
Charitable Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Williams-Corbett Foundation