Mentors 4 College Kicks Off “Diversity 1000” Expansion Program

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Getting into the Ideal College: A Reality for Everyone

Anne was a senior at Hollywood High School hoping to become a veterinarian. But the daughter of a single mom […more…]

Mentors 4 College

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Our mission is to help students and parents find and attend the ideal post-secondary educational program, help school counselors extend their college counseling reach, and build college-savvy communities – with services free to all!

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I believe that Mentors4College has saved my life and prevented me from becoming a statistic. I remember all too well my final semester of senior year that I had given up on myself. The weight of the loss of mom and the dream that I had always replayed in my mind that she would be in the crowd cheering me on as I crossed the stage at graduation had all come to an abrupt end and that reality was too much to bear. However, your program provided an avenue for me to follow, to not lose hope, and to not give up on myself. I hope that the Mentors4College program continues to find those students who need a little inspiration and guidance, who are so close to slipping between the cracks so that they can begin to see themselves in the life that they dream of.
Rico B, M.D.

Sponsoring Students

Mentors 4 College now seeks a range of sponsors so it can help more
kids transform their lives, without charge:
$400 – Sponsor a student for 4 years as we help them in their quest for their ideal college
$2,000 – Sponsor 5 students for 4 years as we help them in their quest for their ideal colleges
$4,000 – Sponsor the training of all our new mentors for a year
$8,000 – Sponsor our social media, video, and webinar efforts for a year
$10,000 – Sponsor an add-on to our IT system to enhance our student-mentor communications