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Montecito Union School Foundation
Phone: (847) 508-3374
Tara Fergusson


Montecito Union School District is committed to instilling a love of learning while providing innovative, comprehensive, and supportive learning opportunities, including: a thinking curriculum based on Harvard’s Project Zero; a character program with special emphasis on Habits of Mind; a researched-based approach to instruction in which each grade’s instruction builds on previous learning; robust specialist experiences and a comprehensive arts education; and a whole-child approach to serve as a foundation for success in academics and life.

Begin to Build a Relationship

We know you care about where your money goes and how it is used. Connect with this organization’s leadership in order to begin to build this important relationship. Your email will be sent directly to this organization’s Director of Development and/or Executive Director.

It’s All About Science

“The Nature Lab provides children at MUS an opportunity to not only advance the cause of STEAM learning, but it also lets them get a little dirty! That’s how you really learn. Our community’s children are our most important asset. Contributing to their education and appreciation of our natural world is a very solid investment.”
-Buck Joffrey, MD, Host of the Wealth Formula Podcast and the father of three MUS girls – donated the funds last spring for construction of the Joffrey Bridge connecting the school to the Nature Lab.

Naming Rights

Over the next two years, MUSF will build a gathering space called the Collaboratory, a farm, pond, and paths throughout, and is offering naming rights to help them reach their fundraising goal.
2020/21 Foundation President Tara Fergusson believes that “a strong Montecito Union is a strong Montecito”. You can contact her directly at or (847)508-3374 to learn more details.

Board of Directors

Tara Fergusson, President
Dodie Mcbroom, Vice President
Teresa Pichardo-Urbina, Secretary
Cathy Bunnin, Fundraising Events Chair
Erica Leggio, Treasurer
Tj Jackson, Annual Giving Chair
Vanessa Scarlett, Teacher Member
Ana Rudnicki, Steam Coordinator
Anthony Ranii
Tod Spieker
Ben Hyatt