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Sarah House Santa Barbara

Phone: (805) 682-1515
Executive Director: Kate Grove


Sarah House provides a beautiful home and end-of-life care for people of low income. It continues its original mission by providing for men and women with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, it offers comfort and assistance to family and friends of its residents. It trusts that its work adds to the growing body of hospice wisdom. All of this is carried out with what is called “extraordinary kindness.”

Begin to Build a Relationship

We know you care about where your money goes and how it is used. Connect with this organization’s leadership in order to begin to build this important relationship. Your email will be sent directly to this organization’s Director of Development and/or Executive Director.

Ten years ago that I found Sarah House. The unexpected had happened, mom died suddenly and dad, her husband of 70 years, was alone. And, I had to find a place nearby for my 94-year-old dad to live. I found Sarah House and things changed quickly and wonderfully for dad. I was able to see dad daily, share meals with him nightly, and even be with him while he passed. If not for Sarah House dad and I would have missed out on those moments. Their warmth and compassionate care gave dad a place to grieve, sing, tell stories and die with dignity. This empathetic care is etched in my heart and the reason I am forever, a donor and supporter of this oasis for end of life care.”
– Michele Britton

A Call for Community Support

Kate Grove, Sarah House’s executive director, explains that the nonprofit has a heavy reliance on public sector grants, which are being scaled back. An endowment has helped Sarah House through, but the future is plainly uncertain.
A remedy for this invaluable service is individual and charitable foundation support.
“We haven’t asked for much from our community before, but we really need the people of Santa Barbara to help support Sarah House and the residents it serves,” Grove says.
Ways to do so include: are committed monthly donations, an end of year gift, or simply visiting www.sarahhousesb.org/wish-list, where you can purchase the housewares – linens, pillows, towels – that any true home needs.
“A little bit goes a long way,” Grove says. “Whenever a donation comes in, regardless of size, or a box of housewares is delivered, we are so thankful.“

Board of Directors

Mark Hamilton: President
Chris Kane: Vice President
Chris Kane: Secretary
Doug Thomas: Treasurer
Allison Armour: Member
Michele Britton: Member
Marcy Burton: Member
Wade Cowper: Member
Tino DeGuevara: Member
Laurie Leis: Member
Linda Lorenzen Hughes: Member
Debbie Molnar: Member
Greg Sharp: Member
Advisory Council
Dennis H. Baker, MD
Harvey Bottlesen
Carol Carpenter
Carol DeTrana
Fr. Jon-Stephen Hedges
Michael Kearney, MD
Nancy Lynn
Rob Pearson
Lisa Murphy Rivas
Helene Schneider