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Rona Barrett is most famous for her long career as a pioneering journalist, columnist, broadcaster, and producer who covered the […more…]

A Place to Call Home for Struggling Seniors

Long before entertainment news trailblazer Rona Barrett interviewed everyone from Raquel Welch to Tom Cruise, she was a young girl […more…]

The Rona Barrett Foundation

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Executive Director: Tony Morris


The Rona Barrett Foundation is a non-profit organization providing affordable housing and supportive services for seniors-in-need. We do this by developing, expanding, and continuing operation of care homes such as the Golden Inn & Village in Santa Ynez, California. Residents benefit from a wide range of essential care services. With dignity, respect and love, the Rona Barrett Foundation presents residents with a broad variety of programs that meets their needs and enhances their lives.

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So many elderly women and men have touched my life over the years. Whether a grandparent or dear friend, their experiences and valuable contributions have always been of interest to me. Personal bonds are the inspiration for my wanting to become directly involved with the Rona Barrett Foundation and its work on behalf of seniors in their time of need. Like so many others, I’ve been impressed with the Foundation’s efforts to develop and build the Golden Inn & Village. I eagerly anticipate the completion of Phase II, Harry’s House.
Cynthia Manigault
Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Give the Foundation a Long Life

With life expectancy growing and an aging population without a safety net, The Rona Barrett Foundation is dedicated to giving seniors in need housing and dignity in their golden years. 

Founded by pioneering entertainment journalist Rona Barrett, the organization created The Golden Inn & Village, a safe haven for seniors with limited means to live a quality life. 

The Foundation has broken ground on a second facility, Harry’s House, and is seeking $20 million to create an endowment to give their residents security in the years ahead. You can help change the lives of the seniors who have given so much to their communities by giving them housing, community, mental health, and dignity. 

Key Supporters

Annenberg Foundation
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Hutton Parker Foundation
The Robert and Carol Jackson
Charitable Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Ynez Valley Foundation
The Towbes Foundation

Rona Barrett, Founder
& Chief Executive Officer
Cynthia Manigault,
Djamila Cabugos,
Vice-President & Treasurer
Steve Reden, Secretary
Jane Ayer
Roger Battistone
Lisa Clement, M.D.
Kelly Hunziker
Susan Weber
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