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Nancy Sheldon Sets a Large Philanthropy Table

When Nancy Sheldon was a little girl growing up in Milwaukee, her mother, Muriel, hosted dinners for Russian immigrants. It puzzled Sheldon, primarily because, as she recalls, “my mother hated to cook.” And yet, there she was, working away in the kitchen, creating beautiful dinners, to make these transplanted families feel comfortable. “I just remember not understanding what it was all about and why she was doing it, but feeling like there was a sacrifice,” she recalls. Although Sheldon could not completely comprehend the gravitas of the families’ plight at the time, her mother was actually helping to resettle “Refuseniks,” [...more...]

Charles Fenzi, CEO/CMO of the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, to Retire Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics

Dr. Charles Fenzi has served as Chief Medical Officer for the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC) for nearly a decade, […more…]

Putting the Focus on Treating People Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics operates eight clinics in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Isla Vista, largely located in neighborhoods where healthcare […more…]