Bucket Brigade: Building a Foundation for Local Resilience

The Santa Barbara coastal region has largely escaped any major disasters in the past year, save, of course, for the […more…]

Community Resilience in a Changed Climate

The Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade is a homegrown community response to climate change. Created in the wake of the Thomas […more…]

Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade

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Co-founder and CEO: John Abraham Powell


The Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade was created to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and community crises through volunteer training, coordination, and deployment.

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During a crisis, the Bucket Brigade turns helplessness into helping by enabling the community to lead its own recovery effort. The inclusive, welcoming approach gives ordinary people a chance to become neighborhood heroes in a time of need. This is something every community needs right now.

Greg Tebbe

The Membership Drive

Over 90 percent of Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade’s funding comes from individual donations. The organization focuses on its membership drive and sponsorship to support its ongoing operations, including volunteer training, Walk Montecito, the Growing Community Project, and the Bucket Brigade Academy, which teaches volunteer leadership and deployment skills to high school students. Co-Founder Abe Powell says the goal is to reach 10,000 members and 50 major sponsors to support Santa Barbara County with ongoing community uplift and a volunteer-driven disaster response team.

Key Supporters

Greg and Daphne Tebbe
Geoff Slaff and Dale Zurawski
Michael Smith
David Jackson
Sharon and David Bradford
Heather and Tom Sturgess
Cindy Pitzer and William Howard
Anne Towbes
Gerd and Pete Jordano
Cliff and Crystal Wyatt
Joan and Robert Hollman
Kathleen Lavidge
Edward J. McKinley
Sherri Ball
The Santa Barbara Foundation
The Zegar Family Foundation
The Manitou Fund
The J.S. Bower Foundation
The Montecito Community Foundation
The Hutton Parker Foundation