Lifting the Burden on the Elderly and Disabled

Ernesto Paredes, the longtime executive director of the transportation service Easy Lift, was 16 years old when he got his […more…]

Easy Lift

Several years ago, my elderly neighbor gave up driving due to recurring hip injuries and a debilitating autoimmune disease. Sometimes […more…]

Angels at the Wheel

Slight and sinewy, Al Falcone clocks into his job as a driver with Easy Lift at 4:30 am. Over the […more…]

Easy Lift Transportation

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Executive Director: Ernesto Paredes


Easy Lift’s mission is to fulfill our community’s need for specialized transportation to allow individuals and organizations access to essential programs and services.

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Whether it’s a person living on disability assistance or a retired person surviving on a pension, Easy Lift recognizes that most of its passengers depend on limited fixed income. That’s why the organization keeps the cost of a one-way ride through Dial-a-Ride at a very affordable $3.50. The program is subsidized through donations, grants, and public transit contributions.

Easy Lift makes up for budgetary shortfalls via multiple sponsorship opportunities, including its most popular Adopt-a-Van, which provides sponsors “with a full-color rear vehicle wrap on one of our vehicles for a year.” As Executive Director Ernesto Paredes says, Adopt-a-Van is “a nice fundraiser that we don’t have to go out and hustle and do a big event and all the craziness that comes with it.”

Board of Directors

Eric Miller, Board President
Robert Gray, Secretary
Roy McLaughlin, Treasurer
Matthew Dentinger
Dave Johnson
Craig McClellan
Kim Olson