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United Boys & Girls of Santa Barbara County

Phone: (805) 681-1315
Executive Vice President of Advancement: Laurie L. Leis


The United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County believes that every kid deserves a great future, and provides the stepping stones that put every kid on the path to unlocking their potential.

Begin to Build a Relationship

We know you care about where your money goes and how it is used. Connect with this organization’s leadership in order to begin to build this important relationship. Your email will be sent directly to this organization’s Director of Development and/or Executive Director.

Uniting Makes Us Stronger

“Having the word ‘United’ in their name is highly appropriate and deserving of United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County! The 11 clubs located throughout the county are quick to react to issues and support solutions affecting club members and their families.
Uniting is what has always made us stronger. United Boys & Girls Clubs teaches our children that uniting behind strong character, academic success and supporting each other in these goals results in a safe and healthy community.
I am a proud alumni of our local Boys & Girls Clubs!”
– Thomas C. Parker
President, Hutton Parker Foundation

Ever More Efficient

Now truly united, the United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara are bent on ensuring that every dollar given is spent directly on programs and the young people engaged in them.
To get there, they need your help, and as with their merger have a clear plan. The organization needs to build a $5 million endowment, which the annual earnings would underwrite the entire organizational administrative cost annually so that 100% of any donation made would go directly into program services.
Please reach out to Laurie Leis directly at (805) 681-1315.

Board of Directors

Tony Vallejo, President
David Bolton, Vice President
Louise Cruz, Treasurer
David Beard, Secretary
Carol Del Ciello
David Edelman
Melissa Gough
Rondi Guthrie
Mike Lopez
Chris Lueck
Dave Messner
Tino Munoz
Clay Murdy
Pete Muzinich
Jeff Omdahl
Eloy Ortega
John Petote
Javier Quezada
Rich Ridgway
Ben Scott
Angel Sugleris
Jim Turner