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Wilderness Youth Project

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Through December 31, 2022, the first $5,000 donated will be matched thanks to a generous challenge grant from the Natalie Orfalea Foundation.

Building Bridges

Wilderness Youth Project’s Bridge to Nature program is entirely reliant on donations from individuals and organizations. The nonprofit works with youth service agencies, shelters, housing groups and local schools who refer participants. Frequent partners are schools like Franklin Elementary, where 91% of students are Latinx and 85% of families are low-income. Over the next 12 months, Sánchez-Arreola anticipates record demand for the Bridge to Nature program and hopes donations match that increase. “We’re going to have the most parents, schools and community partners saying, ‘Hey, can you come take our kids? They need you,’” Sánchez-Arreola says. “And I really want to tell all of them yes.”

With your support, we go to where the vulnerable children are. Whether they’re at school, identified by teachers as students in need of extra attention, in a low-income housing space, attending programs at a partner youth-serving agency, or meeting us at a neighborhood park, your support provides the scholarships so the kids who need connection can get it.


The mission of Wilderness Youth Project (WYP) is to foster confidence, health, and a life-long love of learning for young people and families through active outdoor experiences and mentoring.
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Co-Development Director: Michelle Howard

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My son, Oscar, is full of life and now, thanks to Wilderness Youth Project, full of information about nature. He is constantly teaching me things I didn’t know about creatures. Our favorite time together is in the ocean. WYP helped my son grow into the 10 year old compassionate person he is today. It is an amazing program and we are so grateful to have it in Santa Barbara.
Laura Capps
Board Member,
Santa Barbara Unified School District

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