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California Missions Foundation California Missions Foundation

Most locals are probably aware of the best Santa Barbara place to visit every Memorial Day weekend for a glimpse […more…]

California Missions Foundation: Our Mission is Historic Preservation California Missions Foundation

The California Missions matter. Historic preservation keeps alive our history and it allows us to remember the stories and experiences […more…]

Learning From the Past: Preserving California’s Mission History

Under the leadership of David Bolton for the last 12 years, the California Missions Foundation has raised millions of dollars to preserve the state’s collection of historic Spanish missions and made their priceless collection of colonial and native art and artifacts an education destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year including tens of thousands of elementary school students. Beginning in the mid-1700s, the Spanish built 21 missions from San Diego to Sonoma that today provide a unique trail of history across California or what was then called Alta California. Bolton, who grew up in Santa Barbara – which [...more...]

Uniting the Boys & Girls Club United Boys & Girls of Santa Barbara County

During 2020, when so many of us were hunkering down as COVID-19 turned our lives upside down, two Santa Barbara […more…]