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Jackie Carrera Puts the ‘Community’ in Santa Barbara ‘Community’ Foundation

(Photo by Dean Zatkowsky) Jackie Carrera’s powerful sense of community started with her family, long before she moved from Maryland to California and eventually settled on the Central Coast. Today, ours is the community that the Santa Barbara Foundation CEO spends much of her time contemplating.   “I was raised by a second-grade teacher. We had a close-knit family with four kids. My family was my first community. And we all had a role in it. Whether it was vacuuming on Saturday mornings or doing the dishes every single night, we all worked and contributed to our home life. I came [...more...]

Infinite Impact in Celebrating Santa Barbara County Emerging Leaders 2020-21 Cohort Leading From Within

The eighth cohort of Leading From Within’s Emerging Leaders program celebrated the culmination of their nearly year-long leadership development training […more…]

Santa Barbara Foundation’s Social Good Santa Barbara Foundation

Writing this inaugural issue of The Giving List has entailed speaking with and studying the work of 52 of Santa […more…]