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Director of Philanthropy: Dru A. Hartley


Sansum Clinic’s mission is to provide an excellent healthcare experience, recognizing our first priority is the patients we serve.

We were humbled by the outpouring of support both monetarily and with gifts in-kind during the pandemic. This level of support made clear to the team at Sansum Clinic that our patients believed in the work we do and the valuable role we play in providing healthcare to our community. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to healthcare in an era of diminishing insurance reimbursements, our commitment to providing exceptional care relies, increasingly, on the generosity of our donors. Our supporters are an important partner in our current and future success. Working together we can continue to better serve our patients and the community.
Kurt Ransohoff, MD and Marjorie Newman, MD

Pandemic Relief Fund

The support Sansum Clinic received from donors and local businesses during the pandemic warranted the clinic to establish the Pandemic Relief Fund to help cover the cost of purchasing critical materials like PPE, performing ongoing COVID-19 testing, and providing large-scale vaccinations to the community.

Key Supporters

Susie and Riley Bechtel
Leslie and Philip Bernstein
James S. Bower Foundation
Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara
Direct Relief
Virgil Elings, PhD
JL Foundation
William H. Kearns Foundation
Julie and Jamie Kellner
The Kemmerer Family Foundation
Don Logan
Manitou Fund
Anne Akiko Meyers and Jason Subotky
Montecito Bank & Trust
Julie Nadel
Fran and John Nielsen
Dr. Nancy O’Reilly
Natalie Orfalea Foundation and Lou Buglioli
Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree
Rusack Family Foundation
Mike and Shannon Sanders
Sansum Santa Barbara Medical Clinic, Inc.
Maryan Schall
Schwartz Family Foundation
Mary Lynn and Warren Staley
The Wolf Family Foundation
Bill* and Jenny Wright (*deceased)