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Upholding Community and Faith in Santa Barbara

In Santa Barbara, the Reverend Dr. David Moore, Jr. is a well-known figure at the crossroads of faith, advocacy, media, and community service. He stands out as one of the few Black leaders in a county that has witnessed a significant exodus of its Black population to more affordable cities. With a doctorate in theology from the University of South Africa, Moore plays a pivotal role in the community, serving as pastor for Santa Barbara’s Beloved Community Church and Jesus Collective. Additionally, he holds the position of vice president at the Santa Barbara affiliate of the NAACP, while also contributing [...more...]

A Watchful Eye on the Crises of Our Time Human Rights Watch

Don’t ever ask Director of Human Rights Watch Santa Barbara Lis Leader to pit one human rights crisis against another. […more…]

Shifting Directions: Human Rights Watch Now Following an Inclusive Path Human Rights Watch

For more than 40 years, Human Rights Watch has enjoyed an international reputation for taking on and often accomplishing its […more…]

A Global Challenge Human Rights Watch

It has always been important to recognize that injustice and discrimination occurs in the United States and not only in […more…]