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Endowment for Youth Community

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(805) 691-9788
President: Guy R. Walker


The Endowment for Youth Committee is a 501c.3 Charitable Organization serving young people who are primarily from underserved and underrepresented communities. The EYC has particular interest and focus on creating opportunities that lead to successful outcomes for young African American boys and men.
Our Mission is to unlock the full potential of young African American boys and men by providing opportunities that maximize shared community, prosperity and personal growth goals and objectives.
Our Vision is to function as a model to maximize the academic, economic and social outcomes of young underserved and underrepresented students on the Central Coast.

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There are a few things in life that each day capture my attention. Without a doubt, the Endowment for Youth Community is one of them. It is imperative that as an African American I be resolute in my conviction to make a difference in the community in which I live. Endowment for Youth Community of Santa Barbara County is worthy of your support due to its enduring presence of over 30 years shaping the lives of our community youth, predominantly the unheard and the unseen, which oftentimes is the underserved and the underprivileged. The great African American Architect Paul R. Williams perhaps asked the question and answered best when he said, ‘How can you, as an individual, fit into this pattern of tomorrow? First, we must be a part of the community in which we live and not apart from it.’
Cliff Lambert
Emeritus Director
and Co-Founder of Endowment for Youth Community

Paying it Forward

The marquee program for the Endowment for Youth Community is a massive outreach initiative known as EYC Scholars, which is the primary platform for delivering services and information to its membership in Santa Barbara County. Graduates of the EYC Scholar program are encouraged to pay it forward by supporting other young African American students. In early 2021, the organization recruited a program manager to support with outreach and onboarding scholars.

Donations to the Endowment for Youth Community will help the organization reach its target of 100 students in the EYC Scholars program for 2022.

Key Supporters

Guy R. Walker, Board President
Gloria Mantooth, Treasurer
Warren B. Ritter, Secretary
Dr. Christopher Johnson,
Past President
Jordan Killebrew, Director
Charles Rogers, Director
Kenneth Allen, Director
Cliff Lambert,
Director Emeritus/Co-Founder
J. S. Bower Foundation
Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Hutton Parker Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara
Southern California Gas Company
Richard & Marguerite Berti
Family Foundation
Montecito Bank & Trust