Organic Soup Kitchen Gets a Makeover

By Giving List Staff   |   March 24, 2021

A new antimicrobial floor and upgraded office space to better serve clients 

Organic Soup Kitchen’s 2,000 square foot commercial kitchen is closed for upgrades and will reopen on Monday, March 29th with a new antimicrobial floor and the addition of new office space. The non-porous epoxy floor will be waterproof, anti-skid and specially designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. Because of its safety and unparalleled hygienic properties, this type of flooring is commonly found in food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities. The new office space will be located above the kitchen and be a critical infrastructure improvement as the organization expands to meet skyrocketing demand. 

“Every step in our soup making process, from using organic whole foods to hermetically sealing each container, is to provide our clients with a product that is as clean, healthy and healing as possible,” says Andrea Slaby, Chief Operating Officer at Organic Soup Kitchen. “This antibacterial floor is just another example of our commitment to providing clients with a SoupMeal product that is 100% safe and free from viruses, bacterias and other airborne pathogens.” 

Since 2009, Organic Soup Kitchen has been the only organization in Santa Barbara County to handcraft and deliver metabolic oncology SoupMeals to the homes of low-income cancer patients, seniors and chronically ill. The esteemed Cancer and Chronic Illness Recovery Program has become a trusted resource for all residents facing medical or financial hardships. Clients are referred to Organic Soup Kitchen from nearly 20 of the most prominent agencies in the County’s public health and human services sector including Cottage Hospital and all of the local cancer centers. Organic Soup Kitchen also provides SoupMeals to nearly a dozen agencies that distribute them to their low income residents and clients who would otherwise not have access to nutrient dense food. 

A leader in the organic food industry, Organic Soup Kitchen has been recognized for their integrity in selecting only premium whole food ingredients including organic produce and medicinal quality herbs and spices. Working closely with leading oncologists, they work diligently to formulate SoupMeal recipes that strengthen the immune system, promote healing and increase vitality. SoupMeals are hermetically sealed in BPA-free containers providing clients with 100% safe, clinically-backed nutrition with no additives, preservatives or fillers. SoupMeals are available for purchase and every SoupMeal sold provides soup to a community member in need. For information please visit