Preserve a Community Treasure

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A Botanical Nirvana

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Ganna Walska Lotusland

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Executive Director: Rebecca Anderson


Lotusland preserves and enhances the unique, historic estate of Madame Ganna Walska, cares for and improves its collections, and develops its conservation and horticulture programs, so they educate us, inspire us, and advance our understanding and appreciation of the importance of plants in our lives and in the life of the planet.

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From my first visit to Lotusland, I was captivated. With the uncertainties around the pandemic, Lotusland has become a lifeline. There’s a sense of serenity in the garden that makes this verdant sanctuary so very special – it is truly a balm for the soul.
Jean Parry
Member And Volunteer

Conservation of the Cycad Collection

Among the most acclaimed garden rooms of Lotusland is the Cycad Garden, which represents one of the most comprehensive collections of these rare and endangered species in a public garden. This important collection, which includes three Encephalartos woodii, a species now extinct in the wild, is experiencing an outbreak of Armillaria, a root fungus that is dangerous to plants. This organism colonizes the root base of a variety of trees and shrubs and eventually kills them. Lotusland’s Cycad Garden has already had 30 important plants become infected that are now being triaged in the nursery due to damage from Armillaria. More plants are threatened. This project presents new opportunities to renovate and redesign plant beds and pathways, plus improve signage, accessibility, and plant health within the Cycad Collection for many years to come. Additionally, we will seize this opportunity to improve the aesthetics and function of the Cycad Garden. When complete, Lotusland Curators will be able to advance their preservation and conservation work to ensure the legacy of these species.

2021 Board of Trustees

Lesley Cunningham, President
David M. Jones, Vice President
Stephen Schaible, Treasurer
Crystal Wyatt, Secretary
Daniel Bifano
Laura M. Bridley
Merryl Brown
Ron Caird
Rachael Douglas
Dorothy H. Gardner
Anthony Grumbine, AIA
Joseph Marek
Suzanne Mathews
Mimi Michaelis
Mari Mitchel
Alexandra Morse
Connie Flowers Pearcy
Jeffrey Romano
Caroline Thompson
Rick Vitelle
Lisa Bjornson Wolf