Pismo Beach Field Trip

By Giving List Staff   |   April 5, 2024

NatureTrack took a field trip to Pismo Beach and we’ve got the pics to prove it!

While you’re checking out the gallery below, why not also take a trip to the recent past and listen to when KCSB-FM freelance reporter Beth Thornton interviewed Donald Chan in 2022 when NatureTrack first brought the Freedom Trax up to the Pismo Pier for people to use.

Katherine Boone was working for NatureTrack a few years ago when she found the Freedom Trax device online. Here she is on the Pismo Pier with Donald Chan, a regular on our trips – “I can’t get enough of them.” Teachers, students and now, the public can access these game changing devices. Donald Chan is now a docent for NatureTrack – our second wheelchair user converted to a docent. So cool and we’re delighted to have him join the team.
KCSB-FM freelance reporter Beth Thornton is seen here interviewing Donald Chan in 2022 when NatureTrack first brought the Freedom Trax up to the Pismo Pier for people to use. (Photo Mo McFadden)
Here’s Donald Chan on Gaviota State Beach — He came to nearly every outing and now he’s a docent for NatureTrack. What a testimonial for the organization.


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NatureTrack aims to provide inclusion, access, and opportunities to individuals who may not have had the chance to experience outdoor activities that were once deemed ‘inaccessible.’ Thanks to the Freedom Trax device, people like myself can now explore beaches and walking trails and connect with nature. Additionally, I have become a volunteer docent for NatureTrack and can lead trips to give back to this incredible organization.
Don Chan, NatureTrack Volunteer Docent

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Any donation amount is appreciated to support our mission. Field trips fill up fast each year, highlighting our need for more volunteers. Docents play a crucial role with a 5-to-1 student-to-docent ratio. Your contribution, whether financial or as a volunteer, has a meaningful impact. Please donate or volunteer today, or both!

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