The Shared Crossing Research Initiative

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Founder: William Peters, M.A., M.Ed., MFT


The Shared Crossing Project’s mission is to positively transform relationships to death and dying through education and raising awareness about shared crossings and their healing benefits. We aim to bring people together in community to support open exploration and discussion of this important topic in a safe place. 

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“Discovering that the two incredible experiences I had with my children have a name (Shared Death Experiences), are being rigorously studied, and have been published in medical journals, has changed the trajectory of my grief. I wouldn’t wish the loss of two children on anyone, but I would wish the profound knowledge that SDEs exist and happen frequently on EVERYONE. They have changed everything I thought I knew about end of life and grief.”
Michelle J.,
Environmental Scientist

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Jennifer and Peter Buffett
James S. Bower Foundation
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Natalie Orfalea and Lou Buglioli
Deborah Gunther
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Linda and Fred Gluck
Richelle and Omar Gaspar
Marge Cafarelli and Jan Hill
Arlene and William Radasky
Jill and Barry Kitnick
Debra Manchester and Don McMannis