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Thanks to VNA, my wonderful mother Evelyne Houdek passed away peacefully and painlessly at Serenity House at the age of 100,” shared daughter Linda Whiston. “When mom arrived at Serenity House, her first words to me were ‘I feel safe here.’ That’s exactly what I wanted – for her to feel safe and to know that if she had a crisis, it would be fine. I got to be by her side… to love her and be there with her.”
Linda Whiston

Serenity House Now & Always

Nestled on a hillside among coastal oaks, Serenity House is Santa Barbara’s treasured hospice home – a place of safety, comfort, and love. VNA Health maintains this vital resource so that everyone, whether they have adequate financial resources or not, has access to a peaceful and dignified passing. Serenity House is one of only a dozen facilities of its kind in all of California, and the next closest one to Santa Barbara is 150 miles away. It is only through the continued generosity of the community that this sanctuary can remain a beacon of hope. “Serenity House is a unique and incomparable gift – an irreplaceable resource of vital importance to our community’s healthcare that deserves our highest levels of support,” shared Fred Kass, MD, a Santa Barbara oncologist for more than three decades. Please visit vna.health/SerenityHouseAnniversary to make a gift.

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Michael Bordofsky, MD
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Christopher Thrash, MD
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