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SBCC Foundation’s 4th Annual Spring Forward! Gala SBCC Foundation

The SBCC Foundation’s 4th annual Spring Forward! Gala will be held on Saturday, May 20, from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. on […more…]

Making College Degrees
Affordable and Accessible
SBCC Foundation

While serving a 13-year prison sentence, Alberto “Berto” Lule started to draw cartoons as an escape. That led to reading […more…]

Two Epiphanies Lead to a Life of Service

When she was young, Charlotte Gullap-Moore had two epiphanies that she felt would define her destiny. The first came at age eight, when her mother sent her to her grandmother’s house to spend the summer. The image of her grandmother returning home from her work as a nurse left an indelible impression.  “She had the white cap on, the white uniform, and white shoes when she would walk through the front door,” Gullap-Moore says. “She just had a radiant glow about her, and I knew then that I wanted to become a nurse.” The second epiphany came when she was [...more...]

Santa Barbara’s First Lady of Philanthropy Looks Back Santa Barbara’s First Lady of Philanthropy Looks Back

Born and raised in a leafy suburb of Detroit, Michigan, located near the city’s zoo, Anne Towbes grew up surrounded […more…]

Shining a Light on the Power of Community College Shining a Light on the Power of Community College

As told to Brian Rinker Geoff Green’s mantra is “of, by, and for.” Having learned the value of both activism […more…]

Blockbuster Gifts Can Change the Game for California Community Colleges SBCC Foundation

Geoff Green knows that Dan Pritzker and MacKenzie Scott are on to something. That is, Green believes that community colleges […more…]

Setting the Standard: SBCC Foundation Creates Opportunity SBCC Foundation

Santa Barbara City College Foundation CEO Geoff Green is understandably proud of the SBCC Promise, the innovative program he spearheaded […more…]

SBCC Foundation Welcomes Four New Members to its Board of Directors SBCC Foundation

The SBCC Foundation recently welcomed four new members to its board of directors: directors-at-large Daniel Emmett, Madeleine Jacobson, Ben Scott, […more…]

The Hands-on Giver Santa Barbara Foundation

Leslie Ridley-Tree’s prodigious philanthropical career began more than 30 years ago, precisely on February 14, 1988 upon her marriage to […more…]

The Promise of Higher Education SBCC Foundation

The goal was audacious: provide every recent high school graduate in the south coast area of Santa Barbara with two […more…]